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"Total mobilization" of robots at the China International Expo is expected to exceed $50 billion in global market this year

The "China Robot Industry Development Report (2022)" points out that the integration of new generation information technology, biotechnology, new energy technology, new material technology, etc. with robot technology is accelerating. The application of robots in automobile manufacturing, electronic manufacturing, warehousing and transportation, medical rehabilitation, emergency rescue, and other fields is continuously expanding. It is estimated that the global robot market will reach US $51.3 billion in 2022. Among them, the scale of China's robot market will reach 17.4 billion US dollars, with an average annual growth rate of 22% in five years.

[Shenzhen Business Daily News] (Reporter Qiu Qingyue) At the recently held 5th China International Import Expo, robots in various fields competed with each other and staged the "general mobilization" of robots, becoming the most eye-catching presence on the spot. Omron's seventh generation FORPHEUS table tennis trainer robot, Fosun Health Da Vinci surgical robot, ABB's new generation of collaborative robots... Many robot groups with practical application capabilities and strong processing capabilities appeared at the Expo.

At the Expo, Tesla, together with its humanoid robots Tesla Bot and Model S/X Plaid, made their debut in China. With its sci-fi styling, Tesla Bot attracted many targets on the spot. Tesla Bot uses powerful computer vision and the same chips as Tesla Motors to complete visual data processing, action decision-making, communication, and communication. In addition, Tesla Bot is also equipped with an FSD computer of the same origin as Tesla vehicles, as well as Autopilot related neural network technology, which can be regarded as a humanized Tesla.

In addition to humanoid robots, Fodwell and Chinese robotics companies have jointly launched lifelike bionic dogs, which can break physical boundaries, freely climb and descend slopes, and explore areas inaccessible to personnel. The bionic dog can be integrated with factory systems and robots as an early warning system to achieve visual management and avoid potential accident risks.

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