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Development of the enabling industry

With the continuous deepening of research in multiple industries, Youai Zhihe Robotics Co., Ltd. has anchored the precise electronic manufacturing segment. "This field is developing rapidly and there is a large demand for mobile robots. If we can explore what robot functions and safety guarantees are needed in the precision electronic manufacturing industry, we can create value for this industry," said Guan Jian.

The process of exploration is fraught with difficulties. What keeps the key memory fresh is the company's cooperation with a precision electronics manufacturing wafer factory. "In the past, wafer transfer work was carried out by multiple workers in a wafer dust free workshop, and the efficiency and stability of manual operations have been unable to meet the new production capacity requirements. At the same time, for wafer production, pollution is one of the main factors causing production losses. Even if employees enter the dust free workshop and wear protective clothing, the risk of pollution cannot be effectively prevented and controlled. From a cost perspective, the value of a 12-inch box of wafers is 600000 yuan." "From RMB 1.2 million to RMB 1.2 million, once the wafer box enters the factory, even a momentary instability during the handling process may cause property damage."

"Based on this situation, we need to conduct long-term research and development testing." Guan Jian said that from the beginning of 2020 to June 2021, the company invested about 10 research and development engineers and several operation and maintenance personnel every day to jointly develop a wafer box handling robot with customers. "Because of the huge investment in capital and manpower, this is an attempt for us to 'succeed without success'."

In 2021, the company successfully created an intelligent logistics solution for precision electronic manufacturing workshops. By configuring multiple Uefa Zhihe crystal box handling robots, equipped with a cluster scheduling collaboration system, and an industrial logistics management system, it can effectively complete the automated loading and unloading between the machine and the electronic material rack, as well as the entire process refined management of workshop logistics data, achieving flexible and intelligent production in the wafer workshop. The intelligent logistics solution also achieves accurate loading and unloading of crystal boxes, saving more than 60 people, reducing the risk of pollution in the dust-free workshop, improving production efficiency by 33%, and improving the utilization rate of electronic material racks by 66%.

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