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Realize technology transformation

"From 2017 to 2018, we adopted a 'stupid' entrepreneurial approach." Zhang Zhaohui said, at that time, we didn't have too much knowledge of the industry, and we didn't have market resources and mature products in our hands. We only had a laser navigation algorithm technology, and we were still in the early stages of technology transformation products, which was still a long way from true industrial application.

In order to quickly understand the needs of the industry, the company deeply contacted more than 20 industries in 2018, including bus tire inspection, customs dangerous goods inspection, and smart file capture management, to verify the technical feasibility and scenario adaptability.

Give and you will reap. After about a year of experiments, the technical demonstration of Youai Zhihe Robotics Co., Ltd. is relatively mature. In 2019, it launched a mobile robot composed of three standard chassis shapes, which is suitable for handling and mobile operations in production and manufacturing fields such as automobile manufacturing, home appliance manufacturing, e-commerce warehousing, etc., such as warehousing, production line matching, loading and unloading. Currently, most of the company's products are derived from these products and are widely used.

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