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Industrial mobile robots show their skills

Entering the lobby on the first floor of Youai Zhihe Robotics Company, most of the open space is divided into robot product development and testing areas. Going further, the office area of the R&D team engineers is located against the wall. "We hope to be able to leave more space for robot debugging. Almost all employees who need to deal with robots work here, and the area in front of each sub department is the testing area they are responsible for." Zhang Zhaohui, founder and CEO of Youai Zhihe Robotics, said, "This division of office areas is a manifestation of the company's flat management, which is faster and more efficient, helping us achieve faster development."

In 2016, Zhang Zhaohui, who just graduated from the School of Mechanical Engineering at Xi'an Jiaotong University with a PhD in mechanical engineering, conceived the idea of landing a mobile robot. "The research topic of my experimental group during my school years was the autonomous positioning and navigation of mobile robots. In 2017, I saw a large number of warehousing and logistics robots being used in goods transportation work in Amazon's warehouse, further prompting me to realize this idea. I wanted to combine my major and use mobile robots to solve industry needs. Soon, I formed a team with four other classmates and founded Uefa Zhihe Machine." "The company." Zhang Zhaohui said.

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