Company Profile

Dalian modern Auxiliary Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (MAM) is located in Jinzhou New District of Dalian Hua Road No. 5, was founded in June 18, 2001, is a private limited liability company. The company covers an area of 13000 square meters, construction area of 8000 square meters. The company set up under the general manager's Office (strategic development plan), financial department, marketing department, quality assurance department, technology development department, manufacturing department. The total number of employees 200 people, scientific research personnel 72 people, including 55 engineers, 12 senior engineers.

The company has more than 80 independent intellectual property rights, including 8 invention patents. In 2003, has independently developed the "flexible cleaning machine" products of Dalian Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award and the Liaoning province science and technology progress prize three. In 2008 the company was identified as high-tech enterprises in Dalian City Hall, qualification research and development institutions technology. In 2011 made the Dalian Jinzhou New District Science and technology innovation platform. In recent years, the company through independent research and development and cooperation and achieved fruitful results, integrated project has completed the Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai GM, Shangchaigufen, the Great Wall automobile, Shanghai automobile, dozens of companies.

Company firmly hold the "MAM is not traditional equipment suppliers, outstanding ability to provide overall direction" solutions and services for specific industries, adhere to the implementation of "specialized, refined, unique, new" and "production, learning and research," combining strategy, completing the "construction technology platform two" products the auxiliary system integration capabilities, with coverage of steam, diesel engine parts manufacturing. 2012 March formally and Dalian Polytechnic University jointly established the "Dalian modern auxiliary automation equipment Institute of technology", to the project lead to breakthroughs in key, common technology, and strive to create the domestic first-class auxiliary technology innovation platform.

Companies adhere to the "thrifty, pragmatic, unity, innovation" spirit of enterprise, adhere to the "customer satisfaction is our starting point and end-result of all the work of the" business philosophy, focus on team building and development and utilization of human resources, build talent echelon reserves; focus on improving the design of modularization and standardization management; improve the level of corporate profits and the per capita income and welfare guarantee ability; focus on the promotion of enterprise development and personal occupation career planning, to play the family harmonious creator.